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Apr. 10th

Nov. 10th



Odmir Andrade Aguiar
Control Engineer, Oceanographer, PGD in Hydrographic Survey, PGDC in Nautical Cartography, MSC and DSC in Coastal Engineering
Plural Foundation
Sao Vicente, SP - Brazil


Ronald Stewart
BEP in Eletronics, Photography and Imaging, BA in History, MA in History, MS in Natural Sciences, PhD in Theoretics In the Arts, Humanities and Sciences, ThD in Historical Archeology
Exo-Scope Project
Houston, TX - USA

Associate Editors (Review Board)

Chen Haoliang
Oceanographer, PHD in Civil Engineering, Marine Hydrodynamicist

Marcos Paulo Bogossian
Business Manager, Statistician, Actuary, Economist, PGDC in Ports Operations, PGD in Competition Defense, MBA, MSC and DSC in Transport Engineering
Ports Secretariat of Brazilian Presidency
Brasilia, DF - Brazil

Luciana Sacramento Aguiar
Photographer, Pedagoge, PGC in Cognitive Rehabilitation and Hospital Pedagogy, PGD in Early Education, PGD in Clinical Psicopedagogy
Plural Foundation
Sao Vicente, SP - Brazil

Ramasamy Manivanan
BSC in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, Diplomate in Industrial Safety, MSC in Environmental Sciences, MPH in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources and PHD in Recycling of Industrial Effluents
Central Water and Power Research Station at Khadakwasla Dam
Pune, MH - India

Walter Trentadue
Bachelor of Arts, PGC Astronomy
Harper College
Brodhead, WI - USA


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